My love of cooking inspires my designs; beautifully functional kitchenware that spurs on my creativity in the kitchen and reminds me that no matter how my day was, a favourite piece of fabric can be enough to brighten my evening and make me feel right at home.

As human beings, we are hard-wired for connection. Gathering around a table feeds that need. Its a place where bonds are reaffirmed and where breaking bread actually breaks down barriers. The centrepiece of our table should be the space we’ve created to gather together to connect and transform us. And it so happens that the most lasting human relationships are formed around the table, rooted by love. Today, I welcome you to gather around my table. A table that displays a life of abundance, celebration and an insatiable drive for perfection.

Naqiyah Mayat is a connoisseur of luxury, elegance and beauty. Her lifestyle brand is built around a philosophy of sophistication and aspiration. Her insights stem from the duality of cultures she embodies which in turn influence her unique take on all things food, travel, fashion and lifestyle. This digital content creator is not only a wife and mother of four but is a sought-after tastemaker in the Indian and Muslim community and a style force to be reckoned with.

After much anticipation and patient fans, Naqiyah is releasing her debut cookbook published by That Food Guy Publishing in which she will revolutionise mainstream Indian cuisine. The cookbook aims to give the newlywed, starter cook and Indian food fan all the information needed to make authentic, flavour-filled Indian cuisine with a modern twist. Naqiyah has also included an exclusive narrative around her family, and we also see Naqiyah and her Mom appear together in the dough chapter.