Starter Spice Kit


I wanted to make Indian cooking accessible across the board. For me this meant not only giving you the necessary recipes that you needed to begin cooking, but to also make the ingredients that you required easy to purchase.

Our Starter-kits have 15 spices to begin cooking from The Beginning. This pack not only helps to familiarize you with the introduction to cooking Indian food but is also a great gift for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of Indian cooking, a person moving into their own home, gifts for brides or younger children.

Type :

  • 1G Spanish Saffron
  • Course Chilli 80G
  • Turmeric Powder 80G
  • Kashmirri Chillie 25G
  • Green Cardamom 50G
  • Garam Masala 50G
  • Black Mustard Seeds 25G
  • Cloves 50G
  • Whole Cumin Seeds 25G
  • Whole Black Pepper 50G
  • Cinnamon Quills 80G
  • Acthar Masala 80G
  • Course Cumin 80G
  • Course Coriander 80G
  • Home Made Tea Masala 25G


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