Mocktail Confetti


Enhance your drinks with this range of delicious mocktail confetti, by simply adding to your glass and topping up with lemonade, sprite, juice or your favourite Fehmz Mocktail. Play with the flavours, garnish with flair and match it with your mocktails to infuse your own

Spice Gala – An alliance of citrus and berry, accentuated by warm spicy tones
Tropical Tryst – A summery piquant blend accented with hints of earthy sweetness.
Citrus Soiree – A punchy pasticcio of zest and spice with liquorice- berry notes.
Blossom Banquet – An efflorescence of berry, citrus and botanical aromatics.

Each box contains 8 sachets, 2 of each variant.

Storage instructions : Store in a cool, dry place. Use once opened.

*Images for illustrative purposes only, packs contain dried fruit and botanicals



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