15 Pack Spice Jars


We take for granted the ability to experience food the way we do.

For me, it is the spices that bring Indian food together. In South Africa, we have access to amazing ingredients. When I’m in the kitchen creating new flavour profiles or developing existing ones, I rely on getting these flavours from spices. They amplify the taste and can add colour and texture to a meal.

I want to give you access to a plethora of flavours that will complement your cooking and help you to branch out into other food territories.

Chapter 1 of The Beginning discusses spices. It is merely a suggestion of what I think deserves a place in your spice cupboard.

I wanted to make Indian cooking accessible across the board. For me this meant not only giving you the necessary recipes that you needed to begin cooking, but to also make the ingredients that you required easy to purchase.

Our Starter-kits have 15 spices to begin cooking from The Beginning. What you’ll get :

  1. 120G Tea masala
  2. 120G Cloves
  3. 50G Cinnamon quills
  4. 100G Green cardamom
  5. 120G Homemade cumin powder
  6. 120G Homemade coriander powder
  7. 120G Kashmiri fine chilli
  8. 120G Mustard seeds
  9. 120G Homemade garam masala
  10. 120G Turmeric
  11. 120G Kashmiri course chilli
  12. 120G Homemade achar masala
  13. 120G Cumin seeds
  14. 120G Whole black pepper
  15. 1G Saffron


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